Thursday, September 9, 2010

God is Sovereign

Do you really believe that God is sovereign?  I do, but sometimes I think I only partially do.  I find most people are like that too.  We believe that God is always in control, and that He knows everything, but often we battle with the idea that God is fully in control- meaning we have no control.  That's where I think it gets tricky.  We take up arms about the idea that God would purpose certain events to happen, and that God would choose and plan one's life.

But when we look at the Bible, we're confronted with our disbelief.  In the Old Testament we see a vast amount of examples of God choosing particular people, and causing events to happen.  The biggest example of this is the nation of Israel.  God clearly chooses them as His people.  Even calling them His chosen people.  And I don't know many Christians that take issue with this idea.  God chose Israel.  Got it, no problem.  But have you ever considered the flip side?  It means He didn't choose the Philistines, or the Assyrians, or the Babylonians.  We don't get it, and we never will.  However, it's clear that this is the way of God in the Old Testament.

We see it again in the New Testament.  The disciples are specifically chosen and called by Jesus.  Again, the flip side of this is that other men were not chosen.  He chose Saul to change into Paul, and he became one of the greatest missionaries of our faith.  Again, this means God did not choose other persecutors of The Way, as Acts calls it.

So why do we fight the idea that God is sovereign, even in salvation?  God chooses us, we don't choose Him.  We see it in the Bible over and over again.  So why the argument?  Why the bickering?  Why do we hate this idea?

I think it's two-fold.  One- pride.  That's a big obstacle for me.  Pride keeps me from thinking that God could choose someone or some event over another.  Two- control.  I want to control, and I want to think that I'm in control.  Salvation coming from God and God alone, and that He chooses who and when to give it takes away control from me.  I can't manipulate situations, I can't convince, I can't control.  Even typing that is difficult.  But the reality is, it's true.

"And those He foreknew, He also predestined..."

Thoughts?  Anyone else out there struggle with this idea?  Disagree? Agree?  Let's hear it.

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  1. Well, while I struggle with it... It gives me hope at the same time! It is hard to accept that not only large amounts of people I that I am detached from and live all over the world may not be "chosen" it stings even harder to think that people I know personally and love may not be chosen. That is what I struggle with, not the truth but the sadness in it.
    But hope is found! Not just some were chosen but me, and loads of other people I love, and people that I have yet to meet and even more that I will never know, until heaven. It is also awesome to think that some people might only know and hear of the Lord because of things that God has done or will do through me. I know it sounds self-righteous but it is exciting isn’t it?
    It also gives me hope that while I suffer and go through hardships, just like the Israelites, God’s sovereign will is coming to pass. His will is all for good and his glory, and even in my hardships I get to be a part of that. WHAT JOY!!!!
    P.S. I got so much hope from this I blogged about your blog. LOL check it out.