Friday, May 28, 2010

Running: Day Twenty-Two and Twenty-Three

So, in case you hadn't noticed, I haven't blogged in awhile. I accidentally didn't run for a week! It was a total accident I tell ya. It was the last full week of school, it rained every day, and we had lots of crazy stuff going on. This was a total drag, because not running for a week is not good. However, I didn't give up, and I began running again this week. I ran on Monday for about 20 minutes just to get my legs moving again. I didn't really focus on time or distance, just simply not passing out. I didn't, and then on Tuesday I was able to run 25 minutes with Annie and Julie with little problem. I went running again yesterday (Thursday) and I decided that rather than running for 28 minutes, I wanted to run 2.25 miles. I've noticed that I haven't been going as far as I want to because my timer would always go off. I'm a very slow runner/jogger. Definitely a jogger, but runner sounds cooler.

I was able to jog 2.25 miles, and it went pretty well. It was difficult, but I saw a family from my church on the trail. This mom has 5 boys, all of whom she homeschools. And she is in shape! She was running while 2 of her boys rode their bikes. I kept thinking, if she can run like that after popping out 5 boys, I can do 2.25 miles. That proved to be good encouragement! I was able to do it, and I felt great that I finished it. My new running plan is to focus on my distance rather than my time. The rest of this week and next week I want to run 2.25 miles every time. Then I want to do 2.5 miles for a week. Then I'll up it to 2.75 miles for a week. Then 3 miles! (Like how I spelled that all out for you? I didn't want you to get confused.)

Running is great! And when I think about where I was 2 months ago... I still can't believe I'm doing this.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Running: Day Twenty and Twenty-One

Yesterday I ran with Katie for 25 minutes. It was terrible. Katie was fine, but I felt sick. I felt so badly that I had to stop and walk for a couple of minutes. I did continue to run, even after I walked, but I just felt horrible the whole time.

Needless to say, I was rather discouraged. Even though I didn't quit, and I kept on going, I still felt defeated.

So, today, I went running pretty early in my day. It's Saturday, so I have the option to go whenever I want, which I very much so like. I got up, ate breakfast, got dressed, and went on out. I was very nervous, because I was running by myself and I had such an awful day yesterday.

However, my worst fears were not realized.

I think I had the best running day today that I've ever had. I ran 2 miles!! I felt great too. I made a conscious effort to focus on my breathing, rather than my legs. That way I could pace myself better, and listen to my body for cues as to my abilities.

And I really focused on my music. I listen to Pandora while I run on my iPhone, and today I listened to the Black-Eyed Peas station. I loved it. What I'm about to confess will probably make many of you question my sanity and/or our friendship, but I have to tell you anyway. Honesty is the best policy. I tried to think of the songs as defining my relationship with running. For instance, this song came on that basically was saying "shut up, I'm crazy for loving you, why can't I quit you?" (Okay, maybe not quite that last part, but that was the essence of this song.) I totally thought of that as my relationship with running! I mean, I must be seriously crazy to run. And then the song came on that says, "I know you want me, you know I want you." Again, I thought of myself and running. It's true, I do want running. And running wants me. So we made it work today.

Then the last song that come on, which pushed me on to my 2 miles, was that song "I love to move it move it." I mean, seriously. How perfect for running!

Overall, today was fantastic. It was so encouraging to be able to do exactly what I wanted to do.
Hopefully, these days will become the norm.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Running: Day Eighteen and Nineteen

Day Eighteen- we ran 20 minutes straight.

Day Nineteen- we ran 25 minutes straight.

It's really hard.

And I'm very slow. I don't go nearly as far as I want to/need to in that time. I know that I just need to and want to go a lot faster than I do. I'm not sure if it's all mental, or if I just really can't go much faster yet.

I'm not sure. Any ideas or tips to go faster?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Running: Day Sixteen and Seventeen

On Monday we did another day of jog 10 minutes, then walk 4 minutes, then jog another 10 minutes. The first ten minutes wasn't too bad, but after stopping and walking, the second ten minutes was awful. My legs hurt, and I really didn't know if I could do it. I did, but it was really difficult.

So today, we jogged 20 minutes straight. We were supposed to run 12 minutes, walk 4 minutes, run 12 minutes. But instead, we decided to just try our luck at jogging 20 minutes straight. I didn't wear my watch, but rather set my phone alarm. That was brilliant. I only checked it twice, and I felt a lot better tonight than previously. I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that I wasn't looking at my watch every 30 seconds.

And then, my phone alarm went off. We had done it. I'm telling you, the Rocky theme song came wafting through the air. It was incredible.

Okay, so maybe it was just me singing it, but it was still incredible! I was really pleased with our progress and our accomplishment. If you had asked me 6 weeks ago if I could run 20 minutes straight without stopping I would have laughed in your face. But tonight, I actually did it.

And now I really feel confident that I can run 30 minutes without stopping! And that I can run 3 miles without any trouble!

Well... maybe.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Running: Day Fifteen

Today we ran ten minutes, jogged 4 minutes, and then ran another 10 minutes. Not going to lie, my calves are aching right now. But we did it, even though there were many times I didn't think I could keep going. It's so nice to have friends run with me, because they keep going, and therefore I keep going.

Which is very much so like life. "Running" life alone, without community, is basically futile. You can't make it. Stuff happens, to keep my blog G-rated, and you want to give up. But when you have community and others who are running just like you, you have no choice but to keep going. When you say, "I can't go another step", they are there to say yes you can. And we can. And we will do this.

I love how life is such a beautiful picture of what God intended.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Running: Day Thirteen and Fourteen

Well, after feeling so great on Tuesday, the past two running days have been difficulty. However, we have accomplished our goals so far, and that feels great!

I finally got new running shoes today! Wahoo! They are Brooks, and the guy who helped me was fabulous. I really enjoyed the process, and I'm really excited to try them out!!

I'm so ready to be running the three miles!!