Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's been Awhile...

So I kinda stopped blogging there for a bit.  I'm not so sure why- perhaps just lack of creative inspiration, but I'm back again.  I thought I'd just post a little update on life as I know it.

The biggest news right now is that I am going back to school!  I got accepted into Indiana University, where I will be pursuing a Masters of Science in Learning and Developmental Sciences.  I am super pumped about this change because I know that for awhile now God has been moving me away from the classroom and into a master's program.

I've been reading a lot lately.  I just finished Water for Elephants and loved it.  It's unlike anything I've ever read, and I appreciate that.  So many "modern" books sound so similar, but this was its very own.  Sara Gruen is phenomenal.  I'm now on to The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance, and I expect it to be as funny and silly as its title.  I've also started to read Good Housekeeping, which is not what I ever thought I would read, but I actually really like it.

I've been thinking a lot about the education reform battle going on right now, so perhaps I will post about that soon.  I've also been thinking about a new side job that I might do, but I'll post about that later too.

I also want to start taking more pictures, which I say all of the time, but I really do mean it this time!  (I think.)  Especially now that spring is FINALLY here and everything is blooming.  Bloomington is so beautiful in the spring.  I need to capture the moments of spring.

That's all that's up with me.  Hopefully I'll be posting again soon, and I'll be posting pictures too.


  1. Hi love!! I started blogging again too but on a different blog...

    I'm so excited for you to be going back to get your masters! I REALLY WANT TO but haven't started yet. Miss you!

  2. I will add your blog to my google reader!! I miss you!