Friday, July 1, 2011

Getting Closer

I weighed myself today, and I have lost... drum roll please... 15 pounds in the past two months!!  15 pounds!  I am so excited I could eat a cake.  Just kidding... kind of. :)

Exercising has definitely helped and made a huge difference, but I also think that writing down everything I eat and how many calories it has in it has made the biggest difference!  Justin and I have been cooking a lot from the New and Complete Weight Watcher's Cookbook.  So far they've been really good and easy to make.  I think they're pretty filling too, but Justin doesn't.  He eats multiple servings.

15 pounds down, 55 to go.


  1. Way to go Johanna! And I definitely hear ya on the "I could eat a cake." The other day I worked out in the afternoon (bad idea) and I was super hot and sweaty when I was done. Water wasn't cooing me off like I wanted so I had ice cream. Bad idea. I almost went back to work out again but I didn't.
    Don't eat the cake, the feeling you will have afterwards will be awful.

  2. Ahhh!! Congratulations!! That's a huge accomplishment!!

  3. Congrats! I just started trying to lose 90 pounds, so it's nice to find some other bloggers who are successfully losing weight!