Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I have a confession: I absolutely love candles. I would even go so far as to say I'm obsessed. People always say that candles are a cliche gift to give, but I am thrilled when I receive new candles. There's something about them that make a room more cozy, more comfortable. When a room is looking drab, I go grab one of my candles and presto! the room is no longer drab.

So, here are a few of my favorites. And no, I'm not getting paid by anyone to endorse their products. I really truly love them.

1. Woodwick: These candles are fabulous and probably my favorite on the list. Not only do they look cute, they smell amazing! And it gets better! The wick is made of wood, so it makes a crackling sound, like a fireplace. They've started making these new "fusion" candles. They come in pretty jars, and they can really add a nice pop of color to any space. It's so hard to throw the jar away when the candle is all used up! My favorite scents are Currant, Fireside, and Applewood.

2. Tyler: Another great smelling candle! And the leopard print top is super cute. I also really like the size of these candles, because they can fit nicely on a shelf, or in a smaller space. Some of the candles have multiple wicks too, which creates a nice glow and last a really long time. Also, these are great to put on a candle warmer, which if you have kids (or dogs, like me) it's much safer. I like much of the same scents as I do in the Woodwick.

3. Yankee: An oldie but a goodie. Everyone loves Yankee Candles because the smell is to die for! The only thing I don't love is the label on the jar. I prefer the label to be on the lid, or to be minimal, because I like the jars. But the smell definitely makes you melt. They have a ton of options on scents too. Also great on a candle warmer.

4. Slatkin and Co. What a discovery these were! You can buy them at Bath and Body Works. Great scents, and they offer various products aside from candles, which are really nice. For instance, you can get a candle and a wallflower scent that match for a double whammy! I'm thinking these are great for teenage boys rooms. I don't have a teenage boy, but I don't need one to know how badly they can smell.

5. Nature's Wick: I might not have that product name correct. You can purchase these at Target, and they have a wood wick, just like the Woodwicks candles! There aren't as many options, and the scent isn't quite as strong, but they are a great deal. Nice for a budget.

I know there are so many more candles out there, so let me know what your favorites are. And remember, a good candle is not a cliche, cheesy gift.

However, if you receive a candle and you find it to be a cliche, cheesy gift, I can send you my address. I'll take it.


  1. I bought a new Tyler candle today! I was stuck between Fleur De Lys and Dolce Vita but Dolce Vita won out because it wasn't as strong.

    What sent do you love?

  2. I love Butter Vanilla, High Maintenance, and Kathina.