Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I'm in Week Two of the C25K plan, and I've already learned a lot about myself and running.  First of all, I do a lot better waking up "early" and running.  A couple of days when the weather was really nice I didn't go running until about 11 am, and I didn't feel very good.  I got too hot, even though the weather was nice, and I just didn't feel as strong as I do when I get up around 8 am.  I also think that when I sleep as late as I want to I feel groggy when I do get up, and that makes running more difficult.

I also have to eat something before I go.  Nothing big, but I need to have something in my stomach before I go.  I also have to drink a glass of water.  While I get the dogs up and going I eat and drink, and then I'm ready for my run!

I also prefer the gravelly shaded trail over the paved open trail.  Obviously the shaded trail is nice because it's, well, shaded!  I also really like running on the gravel as opposed to on pavement.  It's so nice to have both of those options so close to my house.  I can walk to both trails, and they're right by each other, so as I get farther into my training and closer to my half I can utilize both trails.  If I do both trails it's a total of about 10 miles.  That's really great for whenever I actually have the ability to run that much.

Now for my gear.  I can't tell you how much I love the C25K app.  If you have an iPhone or an iPod Touch and you want to do run, I highly recommend it.  I always run with my iPhone and use that app.  The makers of that app also have the Bridge to 10K as an app, so I already downloaded it!  It's been great to have.

I can't tell you how much I love my running shoes.  I wear Brooks Addiction 9 women's running shoes, and they are great.  I went to Bloomington Running Company, and while I was nervous about it, I got "custom fitted" for shoes.  I was worried that the shoes would end up being really expensive, but they weren't.  They were only $100.  If you want to run you must get good shoes, and I highly recommend going to a legit running store and getting fitted.

I run with a Camelback Delaney Plus water belt, and I am learning to love it.  It's pretty lightweight and breathes well, so I don't have too much added sweat because of it.  I am slower with it, by two minutes.  However, I have issues with hydration and sweat, so I have to have it.  Otherwise I will pass out.  And passing out is a whole lot worse than wearing a dorky water belt.  So, I've really gotten used to it, and it's comfortable.  I'm pretty sure I look ridiculous with it, but I don't care.  It's a necessity for me.  And Justin found it on sale online, Steep and Cheap I'm pretty sure, for about $20!  It retails for about $40.

These compression socks are supposed to get here tomorrow.  I'm pretty sure they are a really smart purchase.  I got them because some of my other running friends can't live without them, and my husband loves them after cycling.  I got these for about $20 a piece too, because Justin gets a discount because of the bike shop!  I love getting things for cheaper than retail.

Now I need to get a running visor and some sweatbands.  I sweat.  A lot.  I'm sure I look amazing after I run, what with my cheeks as red as a tomato, sweat running down my entire body, and my awesome camelback strapped to my waist.  And I've only gone 2 miles and walked half the time. :)  Oh well- genetics!  What can I do?

So, it's your turn!  What gear do you run with?  Anything I should add to my arsenal?


  1. I don't run with a water belt but when I start my longer training runs I know I'm going to have to invest in something. I will probably purchase a Nathan Quick Draw Plus Handheld Water Bottle. I really like it's design and I think I'd rather hold something than wear a belt... but who knows!

    My shoes are Asics Gel Nimbus 12s and I love them. I went to a running store in Houston and was fitted for them a few weeks before my first half. Shoes make a HUGE difference.

    As you get in to training you might want to consider getting a Garmin. I have the 405cx and if you click the "Garmin" label on my blog you can read my very few thoughts on it. I love it and am glad I have it for the beginning of training this time!

  2. I have thought about getting a handheld water bottle rather than wearing the belt, but I really like having a place to put my phone and keys. And I've really gotten used to it, so it's not a big deal anymore. If I decide to focus more on time though I might consider not using it.

    I will definitely look into a Garmin. Justin has one for his bike and he LOVES it. Right now the C25K app has a GPS in it and tells me everything I want to know, but after I finish the Bridge to 10K I'll need something. I'll probably invest in a Garmin, so thank you for the recommendation!

  3. OH and by the way, I totally bought the compression socks because of YOU! I saw that on your blog and thought they sounded perfect for me too! :)

  4. I got fitted at the Texas Running Company store here in Sugar Land and got Mizuno Wave Nirvana 5 shoes. Then, after I ran the Houston 1/2 Marathon, got Mizuno Wave Inspire 5. They have the right amount of support and firmness for me and my "over pronating" feet (meaning they tend to turn in as a run).

    On short runs (6 miles or less usually) I don't run with a belt or anything. We (James and I) run with a group that sets up water stops; or, if there's no one to run with we plan a loop that brings us by water so we don't have to carry it. When we were training for our 1/2 marathon we bought little packs that clip on to your shorts to hold gels and power bars. It's an Amphipod pouch; I couldn't find the exact name for it on the website just now. But I like it because it's small enough to not be heavy or bulky but big enough that if I want to put a key and some gels in there I can. I've fit my cell phone in it before, but just when walking as that does weigh it down when running.

    On longer runs I wear light, wicking fabric running clothes, but during the week I just wear whatever t-shirt and shorts I want. No compression socks for me. As far as a watch, Tara's right, Garmins are nice, James has one. I just have an Ironman digital watch that has a split timer so you can see how fast you ran each mile (or however you want to split it).

    This past Christmas I bought an ipod nano touch screen, and I like to start the pedometer on that, syncing it with Nike online afterward. But if I really wanted to keep track of things, I would get a Garmin.

    Good to hear you're getting into shape by running. I think it's great because no matter where you are, gym or no, you can always go run.