Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lately a List

1.  Justin and I have been running.  We are still following the couch to 5k plan.  Currently we just started week 5.  I'm always nervous about a new week, and yet I'm always able to do run it.  Even if I am super slow.

2.  I have to find ways to inspire myself to keep running.  I liked this saying/picture:

3.  Grad school started this week with orientation.  Yesterday I had a short, hour long general orientation about the graduate school in the School of Ed.  Tomorrow I have orientation specific to Learning Sciences from 10-5.  I'm super excited/anxious about it all.  I'm very ready for classes to start.  Go Hoosiers! :)

4.  I am obsessed with Pinterest.  I mean, more than Facebook or Twitter or any other type of social media.  It is amazing, and you should all get on Pinterest if you aren't already, and you should follow me! (Johanna Keene)

That's me!  

What about you?  

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