Thursday, March 25, 2010


In June, Justin and I are moving into a house! We are so excited. Apartment living just really isn't for us. I'm looking forward to having a yard, and no one above us! We are going to get to paint, which is perhaps the most exciting aspect of moving for me.

Here's where I need some help. What colors do I paint?!?! In our old house my living room and our bedroom was a really nice green color that had quite a bit of yellow in it, but was still relaxing and not overwhelming. I'm considering using green again for our living room. However, we have 3 bedrooms and a kitchen to consider colors for, so what do you think? I'm pretty much open to anything except red. These rooms are not large, so I want to be sure I don't shrink the room too dark of a color. However, I'm not opposed to rich, dark colors (except red).

I'll post pictures soon of various stuff I have to put in these rooms, and that might help spark some ideas.


  1. I really really liked the green in the living room. loved it. I also might suggest (gasp) a rich eggplant. At IKEA, several of their office and/or den/study areas were painted that color and it was really inviting without being ***PURPLE***!!! ....just a thought

    what are you thinking for the kitchen? blue again?

  2. I would actually consider deep eggplant in the guest bedroom if Justin would go for it...

    I'm not sure for the kitchen- what do you think?

  3. um, you mean MY bedroom? YES, he will go for it! :-)...

    I really like the blue and it was so cute with your red appliances. what other colors go well with red? can't paint your kitchen black....maybe a nice or a very WARM grey....there are many possibilities!!!