Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Running: Day Seven and Eight

Boy did we step it up!! Last week we jogged 90 seconds, walked 2 minutes for a total of 20 minutes. This week we are doing the following:
- Jog 90 Seconds
- Walk 90 seconds
- Jog 3 minutes (!!!!)
- Walk 3 minutes
- Jog 90 seconds
- Walk 90 seconds
- Jog 3 minutes (at this point my calves are ON FIRE!)
- Walk 3 minutes
- Get in car and die

Okay so I might have added that last part. But that's about how I felt today. Yesterday it wasn't quite so bad because I had Julie, Annie, Lindsay, and Debbie to talk to and console me in my misery. But today, all I had was John. As in John Mayer. As in on my iPhone. It was not as easy. And it was so stinkin' humid. I was sweating like a pig by the end. Which I'm sure you wanted to know. But I did it, and that's what counts.

So I'm feeling proud and good about my running so far. It's really starting to become a habit, and I'm choosing to go run rather than sit on the couch.

BUT, I'm so ready to start seeing results!! I want/need to lose weight. The hard part now is eating right. I'm trying, but it's hard when I don't like to cook, and things that are bad for me are just so easy to get.

The next step then is to make a decided effort to make healthy eating choices so that this can become a habit like running.

Any ideas to help me eat healthier?

And I still need new shoes.

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  1. I'm so proud of you! I did the couch to 5k about 9 months ago and didn't finish it exactly the way it had it set up but felt like it helped me A LOT! You've definitely been an encouragment to me as I start running again!