Thursday, April 1, 2010

Running: Day Two

Today was harder than day one. I don't know why, but it was quite a bit warmer than day one. Also, I'm starting to get a blister on my right foot, and that was bugging me some. However, I had more motivation today to go run. The weather was BEAUTIFUL, and I enjoyed day one so much that I was ready to go tonight.

More than anything, I enjoy the company. The girls I am running with are great, and it's just so nice to finally have friends.

I am enjoying how I feel after running too- endorphins are great! I am really hoping that the combination of all of these things will lead me to actually continue running and not give up, like every other time.

Tomorrow we run again!

Question for all of you runners: what are some good running clothes/shoes? I have Nike Shocks, and I like them. But if I'm going to really start running seriously I might need new shoes eventually.

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  1. My gait pronates so I use asics running shoes because their shoes have extra support in the arches. I've been using them since freshman year, and i love them.