Thursday, April 22, 2010

Running: Day Ten and Eleven

I. Am. Dead.

Well, I guess not totally, but I think I'm pretty close. Holy cow- this week has ben a difficult one with our running plan. Here's what our schedule is:

- Brisk 5 minute walk
- Jog 3 minutes
- Walk 90 seconds
- Jog 5 minutes!!!
- Walk 2 1/2 minutes
- Jog 3 minutes
- Walk 90 seconds
- Jog 5 minutes

I mean seriously. Ridiculous. But I have done it twice now! And today was easier than the first day because I had Julie to run with.

I'm sticking with it, and while I still don't love the actual running part, I do love how I feel during and after running because of the sense of accomplishment.

Overall, I guess I'm starting to love it!


  1. I started the couch potato to 5k schedule this week. I'm really liking it! Thanks for putting that link up on your site a few weeks ago.

  2. You are welcome! It is a great plan- you'll probably do well at it since you were already athletic before starting the plan! Haha! It's a really great build-up though- I haven't been sore really yet, which is great because if I was I wouldn't want to do it.